Transport & Infrastructure Expertise Group

TIEG is a registered European Economic Interest Group (EEIG), whereby from a legal viewpoint its full members act together as a single organisation and bring together the best available knowledge from its member organisations. TIEG is a grouping of established consultancies, each with its principal office in an EU member state. Full and associated members are present in the Asian, African, Latin American, Mediterranean and Tacis regions.

Associate EU and non-EU members have a specialisation advantageous to the TIEG network. The network was established in 2012 with the intention of making the services of its member companies available to the European Commission. This involves, inter alia, the management of Framework Contracts in related fields, the design of which is to supplement the Commission’s own staff resources by organising short term missions. These missions identify, prepare, monitor and evaluate projects.

    • One-stop consultancy for all types of technical assistance projects in transport & infrastructure
    • Established track record of successful collaboration between member firms
    • Operational offices worldwide
    • Satisfied clients in major international and bi-lateral funding agencies
    • Proven skills in multidisciplinary co-ordination to achieve complex development goals
    • Established international links with local consultancies, organisations and individual specialists
    • Technical resources, with specialised staff and state of the art technology


Full members

TIEG EEIG has been created by two consultancy companies, Consulting & Management ltd. and TAS Europrojects ltd, each with its principal office in an EU member state, and count other associated members. The network was established in Bratislava and Brussels with a view to bringing the best available knowledge and strengthening common activities from its member organisations.


Framework contracts

TIEG consortium, led by TIEG EEIG, has been successfully tendering for and implementing framework contract projects in the recent years in Europe, Asia and Africa within Framework Contract Beneficiary 2013 Lot 2: Transport and infrastructure.

The objective of the FWC BENEF 2013 is to provide, via individual assignments defined and contracted through Specific Contracts, short-term expertise which can be mobilized at very short notice. The quality of the services which can be performed by internal or external expertise must be guaranteed by the Framework Contractor disposing of the appropriate internal technical skills and resources.

The expertise may be required at any stage of the project cycle (except financial audits) and may cover any of the following sector(s) within the Lot 2 “Transports & Infrastructures” (T&I):

1. Roads and engineering structures
2. Railways
3. Harbors and Inland water infrastructures
4. Airports and Air Traffic
5. Inter-modal infrastructures

6. Transport safety
7. Buildings (for education, healthcare, administrative and industrial use)
8. Water supply and sanitation networks
9. Solid waste disposal and treatment installations
10. Engineering and construction conflicts/disputes resolution

TIEG consortium is proud to have been awarded for 50% of the project’s budget TIEG EEIG applied for. More details about the awarded projects are available here


Consortium partners

The TIEG consortium partners are Transurb Technirail (BE), IncoWest (DE), SWS (IT), Consultrans (ES), Nodalis (F) and Groupe SCE (F).

TIEG also benefits from the external support of 6 associated partners with the aim to consolidating the strengths of the consortium in specific niches: Lowdexxaviation (UK); ECO (BE); MSP Solutions (UK); ECV (UK); TRN Ingenieria (ES); and RTI (UK).