Our Mission

TAS Europrojects is a private consulting and advisory firm on economic development and companies’ internationalisation.

As a highly qualified multinational and interdisciplinary association of professionals we aim to enhance international cooperation quality for a larger impact on population and sustainable results in the framework of selected programs and projects in strategic regions.

Our mission is to assist our public and private customers by providing them tailor made solutions in the field of management and development consultancy, providing the technical knowledge and capacities to ensure their growth and sustainable results and impact on society.


Our tailored approach

Our approach is adapted to each customer

TAS’ approach centers on each customer and his organization. We will not approach customers with a preconceived notion of what to do. We will learn about his situation and strategy in order to provide the expertise he needs to help craft the best solution.

We believe the best solution builds on what the customer is already doing and what his organisation knows. Together, we can be confident that the solution will achieve what his organisation needs to execute its strategy, now and in the future.

There are no “off the shelf’ solutions”, each research and consultancy project is tailored individually following collaboration regarding key project objectives and outcomes.

A Project Manager is appointed for the duration of each project to act as a central point of communication with our customer. We keep a close and personal relationship with our clients to ensure that project progress continues to meet their expectations.

Our approach is based on a constant internal knowledge building process

As an association of professionals, our know how and the quality of our services build on years of experiences and constant analysis of the international aid goals & mechanisms and of the specific requirements of public and private clients, according to a most dynamic knowledge building process.

But not only, the build up of the so called knowledge society increasingly requires to enhance contacts, information dissemination strategies, relations and various forms of cooperation among people and organizations from many different sectors, so as to optimize synergies while maximizing the quality of the output. For this purpose, we promote and build networks, joint ventures, consortia, groupings and any form of professional association that would best respond to the objectives of any project of common interest.

Our services are based on a multidisciplinary and strategic approach

We specialize in different sectors, providing a wide range of project management and technical assistance services, but always in an effort also to enhance cooperation at various institutional, management and operational levels and to better reflect relevant aid policies of different donors’ and institutions; such policies require nowadays increasing levels of in-depth analysis, in order to tailor programs and projects more effectively and in more sustainable manners, especially in regions affected by complex socio-economic issues.

And here is where TAS professionals can also provide a valuable contribution in organizing projects and managing activities to better cope with such situations in the relevant policy context.